Built for Shopify

This indicates that the product or service is tailored to work effectively within the Shopify ecosystem. It is likely optimized for Shopify's infrastructure, coding standards, and compatibility requirements.

Security and Reliability

Ensures data & transaction security, providing robust protection

Fast Performance

Promises a fast-loading app that preserves storefront speed.

Ease of Use

Indicates an intuitive app seamlessly integrated into Shopify.

Value for Merchants

Signifies merchant interaction, reviews, and average rating.

Types of Subscriptions for Your Shopify Store

Pay as you go

Give customers the convenience of paying as they receive the delivery rather than paying for the full subscription upfront. Automatically charge customers before the products are shipped for every delivery.

  • Provide suitable payment options & build loyal customers.
  • Create subscriptions with weekly, monthly, & yearly frequencies.
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Prepaid Subscription

Customers can pay for the whole subscription upfront and avoid the hassle of going through the payment process every time. Avoid orders being skipped or canceled by locking in customers for a long time.

Inventory management

Manage your inventory with the complete forecast of all orders.

Upfront payments

Accept full payments in advance for all future deliveries.

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Build a Box

Create a flexible shopping experience by allowing customers to add multiple products to a subscription. They can create a custom box by adding random subscriptions or products to a new subscription.

  • Customers select the products and quantities that go in a box.
  • Offer discounts on higher quantities and increase the order size.
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One Time Purchase

Allow a trial of products in a subscription with a single purchase. Customers can test the product before subscribing to a long-term subscription and committing to frequent deliveries.

Customer satisfaction

Increase customer confidence by allowing product trials.

Loyal subscribers

Capture customer interest and reduce churn rates.

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Hear It From Our Happy Customers

Testimonials from Our App Community

  • Hen House Bath Co. Pillitteri Estates Winery It's Paradise

    Love this subscription app! It was easy to use and the one minor question I had was answered very quickly and resolved by Jigs in their support group. I previously used a different app which was much more complicated. This has been a tremendous asset to my shop and I love it.

    Hen House Bath Co.

    This app works well for our subscription programs. We have monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly programs and this app allows us to automatically execute the subscriptions of our products regularly.

    Pillitteri Estates Winery

    Native has been super easy to use so far. There are a ton of customization options and it's all very self-explanatory. However, my main takeaway is how great the support team is and how they are always available for help. I've installed several new lines of code thanks to the support team.

    It's Paradise

Key Features

  • Seamless Subscriptions

    Subscriptions in your store integrate seamlessly with the cart and checkout flow as well as the order management system.

  • Email Alerts

    Personalize communication with your customers by sending targeted and automated emails for different subscriptions they create.

  • Recurring Billing

    Accept recurring payments from your customers with pay as you go features by automating the process without any complications.

  • Insightful Analytics

    Merchants can use the detailed dashboard to track data such as active/cancelled subscriptions, total revenue, subscription trends, etc.

  • Inventory Management

    Sync store inventory with the app and manage inventory needs for upcoming subscription orders. Avoid late deliveries on orders.

  • Quick Support

    Our app support is available almost 24/7 via Live chat and Email. Our Support Team tries to address and resolve your queries quickly.

  • Subscription Management

    Keep track of active, paused, expired & canceled subscriptions. Customers can skip, pause or cancel subscriptions anytime without any complications.

  • Swap Products

    Exchange products in the subscription easily to make changes in all future orders. Swap multiple products in one move by selecting source and destination products.

Pricing Plan

Choose the best plan for you and your organization.

    Save 20%
  • Monthly Plan
  • Yearly Plan
Free to install

Free to install

A 2% fee will be applied to every subscription order.


Per Year

  • Unlimited Subscriptions, Orders & Selling Plans

  • Customer Portal

  • Dunning Management

  • Product Swap

  • Automation

  • Automate Emails



Per month

There are no additional charges.


Per Year

  • Unlimited Subscriptions, Orders & Selling Plans

  • Customer Portal

  • Dunning Management

  • Product Swap

  • Automation

  • Automate Emails

  • Migrate to Native


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Per month

There are no additional charges.


Per Year

  • Basic+

  • Prepaid Subscriptions

  • Bundles (Build Box)

  • Billing Automation

  • Tag-Based Subscription Plans

  • Shipping Price Automation



Per month

There are no additional charges.


Per Year

  • Standard+

  • Manual Subscription

  • Tag Workflows

  • Custom Feature Build

  • Custom Widget Design

  • Multi-Currency Support(Coming Soon)

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