Features to Showcase Reviews on Your Shopify Store

Product Reviews

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Display reviews on every product page so that new customers can understand the product better. Offer more insights for customers to make a clear decision on the purchase.

  • Show recommendation tags by customers on products.
  • Make all the reviews accessible through 'All Reviews Page'.
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Amazon/AliExpress Reviews

Bulk import and display your valuable reviews from leading e-commerce platforms such as Amazon & AliExpress. Use past reviews on your newly established Shopify Store.

Chrome Extension

Import reviews from Amazon easily with the help of the extension.

Review Importer

Import reviews from AliExpress with a drag-and-drop review importer.

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Popup Widget


Add a review popup widget to your store that is accessible from all pages on the website. Display multiple reviews along with respective product links to boost sales.

  • Highlight selected reviews with photos in the popup screen.
  • Display the store's average rating & give access to total reviews.
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Display testimonials from your loyal customers and present a reputation as a reliable brand to new customers. Use the valuable feedback of your customers to convert new buyers.

Multiple layouts

Choose from 4 different layouts to display testimonials in a slider view.

Review validation

Validate reviews with a verified sign near the customer's name.

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Store/All Reviews

MOst Added

Create a separate store review page to display all store reviews. Showcase the valuable response and appreciation your store has received and increase brand credibility.

  • Create a separate page by adding a simple code to your theme.
  • Customize the “All Reviews” section to match your store's theme.
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Store Average

Display the store average rating anywhere on your website based on the total number of reviews on your store. Show the overall response your store has received to build trust.

Popup widget

Showcase the store's average rating in the popup widget on all pages.

Store portfolio

Remind new customers of the satisfactory service you provide.

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Utilizing Reviews Efficiently

Hear from Our App's Biggest Fans!

  • Italian Luxury Group BrandsWalk Live Evolved

    We updated our theme and the app stopped working and we didn't understand why. We wrote to their developers and within 2 hours they fixed everything. Excellent and professional fast service, I recommend this app to everyone.

    Italian Luxury Group

    I appreciate the review and Q&A sections in this app, which allow for effective communication with customers. The responsiveness of Rivyo's customer service and development team is commendable, as they promptly address any bugs that arise. During my two years of using this app, we encountered only one bug, which was swiftly resolved within a day.


    Honestly super easy. Very similar to Amazon reviews so there's a lot of familiar functions people are used to. Their support has to be top notch. We've had a couple different support issues and these guys resolve them with half an hour. They do a great job changing code around to suit our stores needs. Definitely worth the money. Very comprehensive app.

    Live Evolved

Key Features

  • Import Reviews

    Build customer trust effortlessly by importing and displaying valuable product reviews from your Amazon or AliExpress store directly onto your Shopify website.

  • Showcase Reviews

    Maximize customer loyalty and boost sales by strategically placing product reviews on essential pages across your site, effectively leveraging the power of social proof.

  • Auto Request Email

    Approach customers with automated review request emails to collect more social proof for your store. Personalize your communication & receive detailed reviews.

  • Rich Snippets

    Drive organic traffic and improve visibility on Google and the Search Engine Results Page by integrating customer reviews and ratings with the product.

  • Quick Customization

    Edit the display sections to match your store's branding. Change the color of widgets and the icons used to display reviews on your website.

  • Quick Support

    Our app support is available almost 24/7 via Live chat and Email. Our Support Team tries to address and resolve your queries quickly.

  • Easy to Install

    Setting up this app in your store is an easy process and completely user-friendly. Most of the features operate with minimal coding required.

  • Detailed Analytics

    Merchants can track their review request emails with data including requests sent, opened, and clicked along with the number of review sources.

Pricing Plan

Choose the best plan for you and your organization.

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  • Monthly Plan
  • Yearly Plan


Per month


Per Year

  • Unlimited Reviews

  • 100 monthly review emails

  • Import 100 Reviews from AliExpress/Amazon

  • Import 500 reviews by CSV

  • Google Rich Snippet



Per month


Per Year

  • 500 monthly review emails

  • Import Unlimited reviews by CSV

  • Import 500 reviews from Amazon/AliExpress

  • Unlimited Photo Review

  • Unlimited Q&A




Per month


Per Year

  • Starter +

  • 1k monthly review emails

  • Import 2k reviews from Amazon/AliExpress

  • Import Unlimited reviews by CSV

  • Google Shopping

  • Coupon Code



Per month


Per Year

  • All in Business+

  • Unlimited monthly review emails

  • Unlimited Import reviews by CSV

  • Unlimited Import reviews from Amazon/AliExpress

  • Headless Support

  • Show reviews on Checkout (Plus store only)

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