Highlights from shopify unite 2019

Highlights from shopify unite 2019

Shopify Unite 2019 conference announced the marvelous future of e-commerce with Shopify. Shopify organizes a tremendous event every year, called as Shopify Unite to announce significant product updates. In which Merchants, Shopify Partners & developers take participates.

Here are the highlights of Major Updates...!

1. Online Store

Now, Merchants can customize their store without doing a single line of code.

  • Shopify Unite make store customization more flexible with sections-based editing on all pages of the entire store. With just fewer clicks & drag-n-drop facility, merchants can easily move content & create a fresh layout quickly.
  • Master Pages allow merchants to define the content to appear on many pages so just need to make changes on master page & it will apply changes to the related page type.
  • Store setup just go faster & easy with Starting point feature. A merchant will be able to pick their desired starting point and simply populate it with their individual unique content.
  • Merchants do not need to duplicate their themes to apply changes in their store. Easily switch from core theme to duplicated theme without transferring their content manually.
  • One of the most essential tiny updates merchants will enjoy is "drafts"
    A private area to draft changes & publish it when the right time arrived.

Video and 3D update

At the end of 2k19, Video and 3D section will become available to all merchants stores. It is surpassing thing for all merchants as shoppers love to interact with the product when they are purchasing online. Through Natively Video & 3D support shoppers can feel a product.

Media APIs

Through  GraphQL Admin API developers can create a video. also, a developer can update and delete any new media types, including internal as well as external video.

2. Advanced features

High Customization is the key point when it comes to an e-commerce store. There are impressive updates you can now enjoy through the Storefront API:

  • Selling in multiple currencies.
    Your E-commerce business widens as Global marketplace with multiple currencies supports now. Through multiple currency support feature, prices automatically adjust based on foreign-exchange rates and displays buyer-friendly prices with easy rounding rules. It currently supports in10 key currencies: GBP, AUD, CAD, EUR, HKD, JPY, NZD, DKK, SGD, and USD.
  • Product recommendations ( Related Products )
    Make shopping experience easy with related product section. Merchants can display automatically generate a list of related products on the product page. This feature work on an algorithm that finds out a list of most relevant products. This algorithm based on the products with whom the customer interaction is maximum.
  • Access to meta fields
    You can retrieve meta fields and to create or update meta fields you require to use the GraphQL Admin API or the REST Admin API.
  • Shopify Scripts
    Make cart & checkout procedure more personalized & unique with Shopify Scripts and the Script Editor.

3. Shopify POS

Past years, Shopify POS reached with 100,000 merchants stores & crazy sales in billions. Moreover, this year, Shopify POS improve product-market to provide better support to all merchants.

  • Cart App Extension for POS App
    • Apps can be integrated with POS.
    • Retailers can see loyalty and promotion details directly in the cart without having to click.
    • Checkout is faster & easier for staff members & all customers.
  • Advanced Preview of the all-new Shopify POS
    • Better accessibility, with full-screen app extensions on the home screen.
    • Global Search integrated within the app.
    • Advanced grid features, especially for staff members.
  • Retailer merchants will have:
    • Checkout, refunds, exchanges, and global search just become too easy.
    • Simpler redesign for retail staff with large tap areas & smart grids.
    • Scalable with unlimited products, multiple location search, staff permissions, and quick access to apps.
    • A centralized back office to get synchronized with customers, inventory, and orders across all locations.

4. Back Office

So what's new at the back office?
Powerful tools are appended to make businesses management easy for all merchants.

  • Fulfillment APIs
    • Through new Fulfillment APIs, app developers can give more control and visibility into order fulfillment to their users.
    • So for merchants, visibility gets improved, better communication between the app and merchants and lastly merchants gets the power to decline a fulfillment request.
    • This APIs will become available in the October 1st, 2019 API version.
  • Delivery Profiles API
    • By delivery Profiles API, optimize the checkout experience.
    • Double your sales by setting product and location-based shipping rules.
  • Order Editing APIs
    • Shopify merchants will be able to edit open orders at the buyer’s request.
    • GraphQL AdminAPI's new order editing features have open the doors to add, remove, or replace items before the line item has been fulfilled.
  • New Languages For The Shopify Admin
    • Shopify Admin is now available in 11 new languages, including Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Malay, Hindi, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Korean, and Thai.

5. Shopify Plus

Shopify plus update have given power to segment & address complex markets in unique ways to make maintenance easiest for plus merchants.
Management becomes easy with multiple stores, users, automation, and many more in one place.
A new home in Shopify Plus, where user admins and staff members will be able to copy flows over all stores.

6. Developer products

More opportunities are on the way that you have never dreamed before on the Shopify platform.

  • Libraries For GraphQL
    • New capabilities are coming via Media API, Order Editing API, and Delivery Profiles API to reduce the server load & increase well-structured and strongly typed schema.
  • Shopify App CLI
    • Let your code automatically generated within a command-line interface (CLI) tool.
    • New commands are added to App CLI.
    • Develop app faster with a single tool.
  • Fully translated Shopify App Store
    • Yeah, Shopify app store Update is translating and localizing the Shopify App Store’s homepage and navigation into 10 different languages.
    • Users around the worldwide will own great experiences with the new app store.
    • Developers can submit app listing content into 7 different languages.

7. Shopify Fulfillment Network

No need to wait to see your products in your hand as a machine learning technique added which predicts the nearest fulfillment centers and optimal inventory quantities per location to ensure fast & secure delivery.

How effective it is?

  • Easiest Inventory management
    • Up-to-date order listing.
    • Synchronized customers data across all warehouse locations and channels.
    • Complete accuracy & report of picked orders, packed orders, and out on time orders.
  • Additionally, it supports
    • Supports Multichannel
    • Custom packaging
    • Returns and exchanges
    • Works for merchants shipping 10 to 10,000 products a day

Here you reached to all highlight of Shopify Unite 2019.

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