Shopify Ping - The smartest Shopify app to run everything from a single place.

Shopify Ping - The smartest Shopify app to run everything from a single place.

Almost 80% of merchants run their Shopify e-commerce store through phone whether it is a single product store or of thousands product store so It is difficult for the e-commerce store owner to handle everything to run a store perfectly because it is essential to be promptly responsive when it comes to an e-commerce store customer and marketing workflow administration. To handle all marketing stuff and messages from a customer from all third-party applications is a challenging role for the Owner but the Shopify apps developer has published a free ios app for entrepreneurs to focus on their customers which matter the most for each E-commerce store owner.

Shopify ping is the perfect app for the merchants who want to run a Shopify store extremely smoothly and comfortably because It is a free ios app that brings all customer conversations from Facebook Messenger,, kit and Chatkit together including all marketing flows. Shopify ping will help you to grow your store and your customer immediately as it allows the store owner to connect with all customers easily and make substantial relationships with them from anywhere with the single ios device.

A built-in business assistant that’s always available & live to help you.

Shopify apps development has simplified business for all merchants by developing Shopify ping. Shopify Ping comes with Kit, which is a free virtual an intelligent assistant that boosts up sales and creates awareness by controlling marketing strategy. The kit also helps merchants to set goals, make Facebook ads without leaving a chat window. It proactively suggests and automates Facebook, Instagram, email campaigns, and more, all within Shopify Ping. This makes marketing easier for retailers to pinpoint their ads and the main intention for this Shopify app development is to move the purchase all behavior and action to the customer chat window.

Shopify Ping

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