Integration With Klaviyo

Integration With Klaviyo

Thimatic team is very excited to announce the launch of special integration between Rivyo Shopify app and Klaviyo shopify app.You can now set up automated emails to be sent to customers with adding reviews which they have submitted via rivyo.Increase your sales and revenue by adding positive reviews on your marketing emails.

What Are The Integration Benefits?

✔ Let the store owner know about what type of review has been given by their end user on their store.
✔ Owner can also send a Thank you mail in order to show a sweet gesture for reviewing.
✔ Owners also will be able to send a follow mail for the user’s who have left the least rating hassle free by setting an automated generated campaign.
✔ Owners can also use the user’s information for different marketing strategies in order to make them daily customers via your store and showing positive reviews will be key to that.

About Klaviyo

Klaviyo lets you deliver amazing experiences across email and other owned channels.They help businesses of every size — from entrepreneurs to iconic brands. Some of the features are listed below :-

Best in class integrations
Learning for marketers who want to grow
Getting smarter all the time
Help businesses own their marketing

About Rivyo

Free Plan: To grab clients with real & live reviews. Admin will get a notification through the mail multiple email address whenever a customer adds a review. Import and export unlimited reviews using CSV with just a single click. Admin can make their own custom email template to send customers for feedback. Admin can approve or disapprove of each question that is raised by the customer.

Paid Plan: Display product reviews along with customer image and multiple review Images. Let your customers ask pre-sale questions. Customers can vote worthy Question - Answers and can also see the average Rating of individual products. Admin can Import reviews from AliExpress and Amazon to the Shopify store.With the Rivyo app, you can add a review as Testimonial, Edit client Review, Ask Questions Back-End, Auto release high-grade Reviews, and many more facilities.

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