integration with Smart Search & Instant Search

integration with Smart Search & Instant Search

Thimatic team is very excited to announce Rivyo Shopify app integration with Smart Search & Instant Search Shopify app. We all know that attracting customers and providing them with authentic social proof matters a lot. That's why we combine both these features to make your store more powerful. Now, you can easily show reviews in the instant search dropdown, on the search results page, and in upselling & cross-selling blocks.

What Are The Integration Benefits?

✔ Show products with their rating when shoppers start searching products in the instant search dropdown.
✔ Product reviews look good on any kind of mobile device with the perfect adaptive design of smart search layout.
✔ By showing reviews in upselling & cross-selling blocks, customers will find your products more trustworthy & will get attracted to buy more similar products.

About Smart Search & Instant Search

When customers search in your store they need an instant search suggestion with advanced filters and mobile responsive widget. Searchanise is the most trusted and reviewed Shopify app for smart and instant search. With this app, you can also get detailed analytics reports about search queries, clicked and bought products to improve your conversion.

About Rivyo

A FREE Shopify product reviews app to grab clients with real & live reviews. Display product reviews along with customer image and multiple review Images. Let your customer ask pre-sale questions. Customers can vote worthy Question - Answers and can also see the average Rating of individual products. Admin will get a notification through the mail multiple email address whenever a customer adds a review. Admin can Import reviews from AliExpress, Show review as Testimonial, Edit client Review, Ask Questions Back-End, Auto release high-grade Reviews, and many more facilities.

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