Celebrating 2000+ Reviews on Shopify App Store with our Rivyo App

Celebrating 2000+ Reviews on Shopify App Store with our Rivyo App

We are thrilled to share an incredible milestone in our journey together - Rivyo Product Review & QA has surpassed 2000 reviews on the Shopify App Store! This success is a testament to the incredible merchants that supported our app and have been significant in its growth. Today, we want to celebrate this milestone and express our deepest gratitude for your trust and support.

The Power of User Feedback

When we started developing the app, our goal was simple - to provide a reliable and effective solution for e-commerce businesses to collect and showcase customer reviews. Little did we know how powerful this journey would become, thanks to the incredible feedback and support from all of you.

The 2000+ reviews on the Shopify App Store are more than just figures; they are the voice of all of our users. Your suggestions, insights, and feedback were crucial in forming our app into what it is now. The trust and cooperation we have developed with our community are reflected in this achievement, which is more than just a milestone.

How We Got Here?

Our success story wouldn't be complete without mentioning the fantastic features and capabilities of our app: 

  • Import reviews to your store from Amazon/AliExpress.
  • Highlight all product reviews anywhere in your store.
  • Send customized automated review request emails to collect more reviews.
  • Display store average and rating popup widget on the homepage.

User-Friendly Interface: As a result of its straightforward design, our app is easy to use even for people with no prior technical knowledge.

Customization Options: Every company is different, which we comprehend. To help you create a review display that is unique to your brand, we provide extensive customization options.

Prompt Customer Support: We've always believed in providing exceptional customer support. Your questions and concerns are our top priority.

Real Success Stories

We've received countless success stories from businesses that have benefitted from our app. Businesses using our app have seen increased conversions, better SEO, and greater customer engagement because customers trust reviews. Here are a few instances of the beneficial effects our app has had:

What's Next?

Even as we celebrate this achievement, we're not letting our guard down. We're dedicated to making our app better every day and adding new features to better serve your changing needs. Future objectives include exceeding 3000 reviews, adding new features, and improving user experience.

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