New Partnership: Rebolt Bundle & UpPromote Affiliate Marketing

New Partnership: Rebolt Bundle & UpPromote Affiliate Marketing

We are thrilled to announce our latest integration with the top-recommended affiliate marketing/referral app. Rebolt Bundle is partnering with UpPromote Affiliate Marketing to give an enhanced experience to Shopify merchants. The productivity and usability of your store will grow as a result of our partnership. The product bundling and affiliate marketing app will integrate smoothly into your store.

Features of UpPromote Affiliate Marketing

  • Make exclusive affiliate programs and increase the discoverability of your products with a range of commission opportunities.
  • Convert your customer to affiliates by letting them refer friends with Customer Referral.
  • Grow your affiliate program by automatically generating coupons for affiliates or manually assigning them.
  • Schedule Auto-payment for guaranteed prompt payments to partners.
  • Attract more customers to promote your products with post-purchase popups with affiliate links.
  • Attract more affiliates with a fully customizable affiliate registration form with an on-the-go easy sign-up process.
UpPromote Affiliate Marketing App for Shopify



Key Features of Rebolt Bundle

  • Make multiple bundles with different options like Volume/Quantity Discounts, Product Bundle, Combo Product, Mix & Match Bundle, and FBT.
  • Showcase related products through the ‘Frequently Bought Together’ bundle which can be moved to the cart with a single click.
  • Trigger popup bundles on the cart page, collections page, home page, and blog page to upsell products.
  • The Automated Inventory sync feature will help you receive accurate inventory updates.
  • Use the build box function to let customers combine products they are interested in into a single purchase.
  • Enhance customer engagement through the provision of flexible bundle options, ensuring a convenient shopping experience.
Rebolt product Bundling app for Shopify



How will this partnership benefit you?

Leverage the power of both these apps to offer your customers an elevated shopping experience. Increase the AOV of your store by promoting bundles to customers and persuading them to buy more quantity in a single order. With this all-in-one solution for affiliate marketing, you can build and manage your marketing campaign with ease. Utilizing both applications contributes to increasing sales for your Shopify store.

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