Things to Implement before Sending Review Request Emails

Things to Implement before Sending Review Request Emails

Reviews are a very important factor that helps new buyers determine whether they will make a purchase or not. Buyers go through a few reviews of the product until they are convinced that they can go forward with the purchase. Therefore, you need reviews for all the products listed on your store to increase conversions. Sending review request emails is one potent way to collect reviews for your Shopify store.

Rivyo Product Reviews & QA is a Shopify app that allows you to send automated review request emails to collect valuable testimonials for your store. You can customize the emails to match your brand’s theme and colors.

Why is sending review request emails beneficial?

Even if all your products have enough reviews, you still need to collect more reviews regularly. This is because shoppers look for recent reviews before making their purchases. However old reviews add to the amount displayed in total reviews, new reviews are the ones read by shoppers. Collecting more reviews conveys to customers that their response is valuable for your business, which develops your brand’s reputation. Customers are already eager to give their suggestions and feedback regarding the product, they just need to be approached at the right time. You do not want just star ratings from customers, you need written reviews along with images so that people can go through those reviews before purchasing the product.

How to approach customers with review request emails?

Offer Incentives

If you are a Shopify merchant running an online store, you know the importance of reviews, and you wouldn’t mind offering incentives in order to collect more reviews. Offer coupon codes to customers or a flat discount on their next purchase in exchange for submitting a review.

Make it personalized

Explain to your customers how their response is valuable for your business so that they actively participate in the review submission process. Sending personalized emails can help you get a more constructive response than just a star rating.

Choose the correct time to ask for feedback

You need to pick the right time to send your review request email if you want positive feedback. Here are some good times to ask for a review:

Right after the product is delivered – Customers make a purchase only if they are in urgent need of the product or if they like it. Therefore, customers will have positive feedback on the product right after it is delivered, unless there is an issue with the delivery or the product is damaged.

Right after the interaction with your support team – This is the time when the customer has interacted with your business for a query. So if you manage to solve the problem for your customers, they will happily write you a review if asked. Send a review request email after you have solved your customer’s query regarding the product delivered.

When a customer shares a response on social media – You can use reputation management software to search for recent posts made regarding your brand. Approach them to collect an official review for the product, which you can use on your Shopify store.

How to draft your emails?

Direct Email Request – The primary focus of this email is to collect a review from the customer. The content in this email includes a call to action for submitting a review. Explain to them how their feedback matters for your business and thank them in advance for showing support.

Indirect Email Request – This email is outlined to subtly remind the customer of leaving a review. It can be mentioned along with the invoice details, newsletter promotions, or shipment delivery email. Make sure you include the link for the review submission.

Choose a persuasive subject line – As the item has already been delivered, you need to include a compelling subject line so that customers do not ignore an email from your business. Include a benefit for the customer in the subject line to persuade them into opening it.

Keep it brief & simple – Customers won’t like a lengthy email to tell them a simple thing, like giving feedback on the product. Clearly communicate why the response is important for your business to develop and ask them to submit a detailed review.

Why choose Rivyo?

Rivyo Product Review & QA is the leading app for collecting and displaying product reviews on your Shopify store. It allows you to bulk import your valuable Amazon and Aliexpress reviews. Collecting more product reviews for your brand becomes easy with automated review request emails.

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