Introducing AddUp Checkout Customization Shopify App

Introducing AddUp Checkout Customization Shopify App

Is your Shopify store’s checkout page living up to its full potential? Have you ever wondered if you could display specific payment and shipping methods based on the purchase activity?

Well, we have designed an app specifically for that purpose.

AddUp Checkout Customization is a Shopify app that allows you to customize shipping and payment methods at the checkout page based on specified rules. Create rules regarding the total amount, weight, SKU, collection, location, and customer tags, and display specific shipping or payment methods if the condition applies. You can also reorder as well as rename the shipping and payment methods.



Let’s go through all the app features in detail.

Hide Payment Methods

Define specific rules for details like total amount, collections, customer address, customer tags, or B2B orders, and hide payment methods if those conditions apply to that order.

For example:

  • Hide the Cash on Delivery option if the order total is greater than $100.
  • Hide Bank Deposit if the order address contains specific country codes.
  • Hide the Pay Later option if the customer has spent less than $200 on your store.
  • Hide Money Order if the order includes a specific SKU.

Hide Shipping Methods

Apply conditions on order details like total weight, SKU, zip code, and customer tags, and hide shipping methods if those conditions apply.

For example:

  • Hide Express Delivery if the order total is less than $150.
  • Hide Standard Delivery if the order includes a product from the ‘Ready to Ship’ collection.
  • Hide Free Shipping if the order includes a specific Postal Code.
  • Hide Standard Delivery if the customer tag is VIP.

Create Product Discount

Create fixed or percentage discounts for products, variants, minimum spend, and number of items.

For example:

  • 20% off on shirts
  • $5 off on plain shirts
  • $5 off up to 2 plain shirts
  • Buy 4 shirts and get 2 shirts free

Rearrange Payment Methods

Sort/Re-order payment methods to display your preferred mode of accepting payment at the top of the list. Display the payment methods on the top that have fewer transaction charges for your business. For example, display Credit Card payment on the top.


Rearrange Shipping Methods

Sort/Re-order shipping methods to display your preferred delivery mode at the top of the options list.


Rename Payment & Shipping Methods

Include payment details and shipping carrier names by renaming payment & shipping methods.



Improve the checkout experience for your customers and offer applicable shipping and payment options to your customers to get more benefits from every single order. Take advantage of the detailed rule types to create conditions.

Check out the app on the Shopify App Store

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