New Partnership: Rivyo Product Reviews & AppOkart Mobile App Builder

New Partnership: Rivyo Product Reviews & AppOkart Mobile App Builder

We are absolutely delighted to announce our exciting partnership with a highly influential mobile app builder. Rivyo Product Reviews & QA is joining forces with AppOkart Mobile App Builder to elevate the Shopify merchant experience. This dynamic collaboration is set to boost efficiency and expand the capabilities of your store. Together, the mobile app builder and the product review Shopify apps will provide Shopify merchants with a wide range of unmatched solutions, promising an exceptional shopping experience.

AppOkart‑ Mobile App Builder

Rating: 5 (42 reviews)

Plan: Free Plan Available & Paid Plan Starts at $79/month

Appokart is a drag-and-drop zero-coding Shopify mobile app builder with the help of which you can build your own native Android & iOS app for your Shopify stores. AppOkart DIY Shopify app helps you turn your Shopify store into a mobile within 60 minutes.

Features Of Appokart Shopify Mobile App Builder:

  • Push Notification: Send automatic push notifications for those abandoned carts.
  • Real-Time Preview: Check the design change you made to your app in real-time.
  • Drag and Drop: Add or remove design elements simply by dragging and dropping.
  • One Click Check-Out: Allow your customers to place an order with the minimum tap
  • Advanced Analytics: Get detailed insight and see how your business is performing
  • Multi-Language: Allows you to effortlessly create a multilingual shopping experience, catering to a global audience with ease.
  • Premium support on Whatsapp & Email: Offers users special and fast help through WhatsApp and email, making sure they get personalized and efficient support for their questions and problems.

Rivyo Product Reviews & QA

Rating: 4.9 (2000+ reviews)

Plan: Free Plan Available & Paid Plan Starts at $9/month

Gather and proudly display product reviews and star ratings to boost your brand's credibility. Enhance trust and establish social proof by incorporating glowing testimonials.

Features of Rivyo Product Reviews & QA

  • Elevate your brand's credibility by displaying product reviews and customer testimonials in your store.
  • Enable an email automation process to prompt customers for their feedback and reviews.
  • Streamline the process of importing your Amazon and AliExpress reviews into your store
  • Utilize a popup widget to present your store's average ratings and product-specific reviews.
  • Make product reviews stand out by featuring them on the home page, individual product pages, or a dedicated reviews page.
  • Enhance discoverability in search engine results through the inclusion of reviews on Google Shopping.

How will this partnership benefit you?

Utilize both applications to enhance your customers' shopping experience in your store. Leveraging social proof can boost your brand's recognition and foster trust among newcomers. Captivate visitors with a captivating mobile app and construct adaptive landing pages to ensure a seamless purchasing journey on any device. The combined usage of these applications can significantly amplify conversion rates and drive higher sales for your Shopify store.

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