New Partnership: Rebolt Bundle & SearchPie SEO Booster

New Partnership: Rebolt Bundle & SearchPie SEO Booster

We are excited to announce our most recent integration with an exceptional Search Engine Optimization app for Shopify. Rebolt Bundle Upsell Discount has partnered with SearchPie: SEO Booster & Speed to offer Shopify sellers an improved user experience. This collaboration will boost your store’s efficiency and functionality. The SEO booster and product bundling app provides a seamless integration on your store so that you can make the most of both apps.

Features of SearchPie: SEO Booster & Speed

  • Improve Google visibility by optimizing all critical parameters in the manner that Google prefers for higher ranks.
  • Increase site speed with Instant Page, AMP, and Image Compression.
  • Bulk update all the Meta titles, Meta descriptions, and Alt tags on your website.
  • Up-to-date reports to stay aware of all the SEO issues on your store that limit your search engine rankings.
  • Use Auto Rich Snippets JSON.LD to make your website readable for Google.
  • Improve website credibility with automatic detection and navigation of long and 404 URLs.
SearchPie: SEO Boister & Speed app for Shopify




Features of Rebolt Bundle Upsell Discount

  • Create various product bundles such as Product Bundle, Quantity/Volume Discounts, Combo Product, FBT, Mix & Match Build Box.
  • Upsell products with popup bundles on the home page, collections page, and cart page.
  • Display similar items through FBT which can be added to the cart with one click.
  • Provide a build box feature where customers can add their favorite products in a single bundle.
  • Precise stock updates with the help of Automated Inventory Sync.
  • Flexible bundle options to engage customers by providing a convenient shopping experience.
Rebolt Bundle Upsell Discount app for Shopify




How will this partnership benefit you?

Use both of these apps to deliver an enhanced shopping experience for your customers. Selling products in bundles increases the AOV of your store which contributes to more revenue. Make your store SEO-ready and reach more potential customers with higher search engine rankings. Both of the applications help to boost the conversion and sales of your Shopify store.

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